Sunday, 1 March 2015

Week 22 - Off the map week 4

This week I planned on really going to town with the Alice mesh however I found some more pressing matters within our level. Having seen where people are at in other groups a started to really block in the basics of our level. I really focused on the visuals and the layered feel of the level, I am mostly focussing on the cave level as the other members of our team are focussing on the other levels. Obviously everyone in the team has lots of input on the decisions we make and we follow the concept given to us, although our concepts are quite vague at the moment so we will really need to work on these to refine them.

I asked Christy to make me some very basic rocks to help create the walls of the cave, it didn’t have to be any detailed but it had to look remotely like a rock. Once I got this from him , I scattered it around the cave to give the illusion of cave walls. I then also started to block out the ambient lighting and also start to think about the caves lighting.

I also implemented one of the puzzles we were planning, a simple tilt puzzle where you had to get some planks in the right order and hit a lever which fills the water and raises a platform allowing you to progress. This puzzle proved awkward in terms of blueprints, to begin with I started by thinking about it to literally so I reassessed and thought about it more in a game sense. I set the basics of the blueprint up with the intention of later covering it with matinees. The puzzles is currently functional and allows you to play through the rest of level from here I will figure out the rest of the mechanics for the level although its getting quite lengthy at this point and I may cut it down in the coming weeks.

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