Saturday, 7 March 2015

Week 23 - Off the map week 5

This week a looked at our levels as a whole and decided to really go to town on the canal level as it looked and felt like the level that was getting the least attention. To do so I got all the assets that Christy had produced for this level and imported them and began to scatter them using the foliage brush. The foliage brush was awkward and just sometimes didn’t work, it gave good results in the end, it was a little dense in the field area so I may have to go back and erase some of it if we get frame rate problems.

Example of Christys Foliage

The main issue I found was the ground texture, the texture I was provided with was a fantastic tillable but we needed a mud texture for it too to really sell it and get it looking realistic. So I asked Christy to work on this. This week was also the great merging of our forest and cave level in to one unreal file. Good god it was a mess, materials and textures all over the place and meshes in every other folder, it took a while to sort through and actually broke a couple textures, most are fixed by now though.

I managed to get the Alice concept down towards the start of this week too, which means by the end of the week I could start modelling and maybe start unwrapping too. This was a load of my back as I was beginning to worry about the characters design as the group hadn’t seen a lot of my design work. The mesh is quite high poly as I was thinking of maybe using Apex cloth in Unreal engine 4.

This for me is a major stretch goal, if we are struggling for time towards the end then this will be the first thing to be cut. I also really hope to actually figure out how on earth hair alphas work in unreal engine 4.

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