Saturday, 14 March 2015

Week 24 - Off the map Week 6

This week started with showing the current state of the project to Emma our personal tutor, during the presentation she helped us to realise that the levels we were producing were just too big and would need to be drastically cut down. At first we thought that maybe dropping the cave level would be the right choice here, however we felt that the cave had an equal share and offered lots of contrast to the other two very similar areas. We then just decided to get people to play through our levels and decide what bits people found boring. Once we had done this, we cut parts out of the level and tweaked the layout a little so it was fairly seamless. I really feel that this has benefitted us as a lot of the previously seen areas weren’t very interesting we took the small handful of areas we liked and combined them in to one; cutting the level down to a third.

This also made me realise that I would need to really work on the forest level, at this point our cave level was looking quite populated and even contained some finished assets, and they were sparce but still there; whilst the forest was entirely whitebox. I actually used a lot of the canal assets to populate this scene, there would not be too many unique assets for this area so I soon filled the space given to me.

Something else really dawned on me too this week, we were officially half way through the project, and we have LOTS to do. At this point I started to think about our time management and how bad its been, so I created massive to do list with all the assets on it letting us know stage people are at. I am also using a website called producteev to help with my project management. Its proved useful this week but im not sure about its longevity.

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