Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I suppose I should introduce myself and what this blog is about, I am a student at Leicester De Montfort University studying Game Art Design and I will be keeping this blog to document my studies and thoughts over the next three years. I will try to keep this blog relatively professional and formal but I will be sure to keep it interesting and personal too.

Previous to starting this course, I studied A-level Applied Art (double award), AS- level Art History and A-level photography at New College Nottingham. I chose these subjects mainly because they all link together, I found myself framing my art work more efficiently using the techniques learnt from photography and looking more at the lighting conditions before I start sketching. Many things inspire me, I always try to draw from life as I think it is the best way to improve and progress however I find that film, TV and music inspire me most. Films like Koyaanisqatsi, Fight Club and pulp fictions are all great films to look at in terms of camera work, I find studying the camera work of films can help with composition.

 I cant really remember a time where I wasn't drawing, it doesn't really feel right if a day has gone by and I haven't picked up a pencil at some point. I'm really looking forward to next year, my tutors call it boot camp due to the amount we learn and the work we do, so far it's living up to the name.

I was gaming from a quite young age too, mainly on older consoles, nothing really impressed and inspired me too much, I just took it for granted like most things as a kid. Its not until I played games like Metal Gear Solid and Shadow of the Colossus that I was truly impressed and inspired, I began to look at games as more of an art form and started to be more analytical of what I played. In my opinion the perfect game comprises of 3 things. Firstly, an amazing, interesting story filled with interesting and relatable characters with realistic emotions. Secondly, jaw dropping visuals, whether realistic or stylized, they must be interesting and engaging whilst trying to be innovative in some way. For example the visual style of the latest Deus Ex game (Deus ex: Human Revolution - Square Enix) is based on the Renaissance oil paint technique; Chiaroscuro meaning light and dark in English. Thirdly and probably the most important is passion, you can really tell when the people behind the game are actually passionate about said game. The designs, characters, environments and story telling are all unique. I think as an artist you must show how passionate you are within your work or the work will pass by unnoticed. The experiences you have in the life, the places you go and the people meet all fuel this passion.

Over the next few years I will share my experiences and I hope to show my progression as an artist. I also hope to better understand the games industry, its intricacies and how it all works. I hope I haven't sounded too pretentious in this post and I am looking forward to seeing what the next few years bring.