Saturday, 21 March 2015

Week 25 - Off the map Week 7

Week 7 was another slow week, I am not entirely sure much was achieved between the team; just general asset creation was the main focus. I baked and started texturing Alice, I am a little worried about Alice at the moment, I don’t have much input from team mates as it is something I have never really done in labs as it is more of a free time thing at the moment with all this engine stuff. There is still a daunting amount of engine stuff left to do so that is also really hindering me from doing Alice.

We showed our level to Emma again this week, only briefly and we were advised to trim the fat a little more around the forest area. At this point we really streamlined the level and it flowed a lot better and just focussed on the best bits. We also got the rabbit running away from you in engine which was really impressive to see, it meant we could make parts of the cave completely functional. Right now I am just planning for the holidays I have spoken to my team, explained the situation I should hopefully have most of the finished meshes left for me on K drive at this point to get in engine then textures after Easter.

For me over Easter I am really going to get it playing a little more like we intend it to be, with matinees and the camera panning around as you do certain things. Another thing I plan to go to town on is cut scenes and transitioning between each level is quite janky at the moment, as a stretch goal I plan to implement a menu and loading screens.

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