Saturday, 21 February 2015

Week 21 - Off the Map week 3

This week was focussing on getting a basic whitebox going; I literally built this up out of the basic shapes used in Unreal engine 4. I wanted it to be incredibly basic and just show the basic route to see if it worked, we soon realised that it was quite important to not go in one direction in a sidescroller and if you did you really needed lots of verticality. So I played with the route for a bit, it was quite long and had lots of sections but I soon got rid of some of them and its fairly modular so we could probably cut more if we feel like we need it. I also talked to the other members of my team and set a similar task to a couple of them with the other levels we had talked about.

I also started work on our Alice design, I aim to keep it grounded in late 18th century clothing designs. I started the same way as my usual character projects, I doodled in my sketchbook, really roughly just to get some ideas out on paper. I then went on to think about finding some reference for the clothing, to do so I went on to pinterest and tried to find clothing of the time period. I also looked at other design work focussing on the same era.

 This week has probably been the slowest of the project so far, we have lots to do but no real art direction at the moment. Over the coming weekend I will try to figure this out, we need to get a move on with this project and a rough impression of our visuals in to the white box. I also need to make some seriously big leaps and bounds with this Alice design,  id like to be modelling very soon so I will focus on this next week.

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