Sunday, 1 February 2015

Week 18 - container city final

The container city project has been the most interesting one yet, I have really enjoyed the past few weeks and I feel I have helped create something we can all be proud of. As stated in the few posts prior to this one, The idea behind the project was that in groups, we would produce a level mostly made out of shipping containers.  The project would mostly focus around level design and creating a path for the player, the two themes we were given to choose from were dystopian and sci-fi. For this project I worked with Emily Kelly, Anastasia Wyatt and Thomas Kavanagh; all of which were a dream to work with and i would happily work with any of them again.

For this project the main things I did was the engine side of things which were quite basic, I also designed the shipping container for our level, we went for a sci-fi theme so felt that designing our own container was incredibly important to the success of the level. So I decided to design the container to be very modular, so we could create lots of variation throughout what was essentially the same corridor pieces and structure. To do so I made individual surfaces interchangeable such as walls, ceiling pieces and connectors, this whilst simple in design was not so simple to pull of when modelling. Getting the pieces to slot together properly was incredibly frustrating, especially if you wanted to edit something and then reimport it back in to engine. The other many issue I had to over come was actually the technical side of things, i really underestimated the technical side of things, this being a game art course I wasn't really expecting my peers to pull out as many stops as they did with it. I managed to get a few basics working but required a fair bit of input from my fellow classmates to get the more complicated stuff working, stuff such as the key pick up system and multiple locked doors.

As well as this project went, there were a few hiccups along the way, timing was an issue and some texturing was left to the last minute because of poor planning. Another issue was the ending, we didn't leave quite enough time to polish the finale, meaning it was a little lack lustre and didn't quite match the concepts, to combat this we should have planned more time to polish the whole thing. The main focus in the end was getting the game to be functional, which should of been done sooner so this was completely my fault and will try to avoid this in future.

During the next project, i aim to focus more on my texturing as this has been a project where I really ran out of time to perfect and learn anything. I did however learn a considerable amount about making modular parts for a game level and how you can really push this method to make entire game worlds. I am also really looking forward to spending some time time developing a character during the next project if I get the opportunity, characters are something I have really developed a passion for and I am looking forward to learning some new processes to add to my tool kit. In conclusion this project was a huge success given the time frame, much like any group project it had its issues but i feel we overcame them by prioritising the things we had left.

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