Sunday, 25 January 2015

Week 17 Container city week 3

This week, has been by far the most interesting, I really got to play around with the visuals of our level. To start with I used 3ds to concept using basic shapes, I modelled small cutout sections of possible designs for the hallway of our level. I then realised that I also need to really figure out the lighting in relation to our corridors, to do so I put the simple blockouts in to unreal 4 and also created a few generic rough props like a standing light and a crate etc. I then black the scene out and added some lighting to each scene. As you can see below, I kept the lighting quite dim, I wanted to portray a quite lonely feeling in the corridors; the lack of lighting also added to the claustrophobic feeling of our containers. It is at this point we figured out that it would be quite cool that at some point the lighting would change as you progress through the level and change the mood and reveal more of the environment.

I relayed the work I had done to my team and we soon picked a design, at this point I modelled the container exterior, based upon my team mate Annie's design. I then also properly modelled the interior of the container, this took a little longer than expected as we wanted the container to be fully modular so we designed each panel to be replaceable depending on which part of the level it sat in. Here is a full break down of each part of the container system.

I then went on to put in the level completely, of course there were many props that my team were working on at the time but I will put those in next week when they are textured. For now I'm focussing in lighting and the mechanics, we settled on what to include, we will have a keycard pick up to open a door, a switch to turn the power on which then in turn opens the final room door. The blueprints for these confused me to death but luckily a friend of mine was on hand to help me out.
Whilst I was working on all this my team mates Emily and Tom worked on the individual rooms in the complex I worked with Annie on finalizing the final room, we wanted it to be quite an epic reveal but we are currently running out of time so I will really need to focus and put the hours in to this. Annie also worked on the outside of the structure too and she got that looking great with a basic building and some nice lighting and visual effects. This project is slowly coming to a close and we have quite a bit to do but I think we can pull it off.

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