Saturday, 6 December 2014

Week 10 Character final

This week started a in a rush however luckily, we were given a surprise extra week on this project. THANK GOD. I was getting incredibly stressed; the extra week will be the difference between my project being good or bad. Over the weekend i finalized the girls design and painted a final painting and also finished the base mesh, i also started the unwrap which i soon finished within the following day. Before i start texturing i really need to figure out my tonal values and colour schemes, of course i can do things like the face and hair etc but before i can really get in to the clothes i need to sit down and figure a few things out. I left it for now and moved on to the second character.

At this point i looked back at my secondary design , i decided at this point i didn’t have much more time to work in to it so i just settled on what i would turn the silhouette in to. I decided a bear would fit best, i know i could of done something more creative with it; which was a shame but i was just out of time. I eventually decided on a polar bear type character, i never really took it any further than that as i wanted the time to really get the first character mesh looking good. If i have any time left at the end i will definitely work in to it.
Now the only thing left to do before texturing is figure out a colour scheme that fits the character. To do so i put some basic values on to the albedo and took a couple screenshots to do some paint-overs with.  I eventually decided on a darker colour scheme sticking with blues and browns, during this process i sadly never really tried lots of variations. All the colours were quite similar. Again if i had time i would of spent more time on this section.

Towards the end of the week i started to rig her, this was the work experience of my game art life. Disclaimer, i have rigged a couple models before and like to think that i know what i am doing but this was a whole new level of horrible. For some reason 3DS max just crashed every few clicks, so to rig the character id have ro rig a bones worth of stuff saving every few clicks and then move the bone to test the rig; every time i let go of the gizmo max was guaranteed to crash. After hours of work i get a really rough rig working. I tried many things in an attempt to fix it but it was just something up with that max file in particular. I may revisit the rig when it comes to getting the piece ready for my portfolio. All i really have left to do now is texture the character to completion.

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