Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Week 12 - 14 christmas

The Christmas holidays are here, everyone has gone home, its absolutely freezing.

I have a plan for this holiday, i aim to build up a some pieces of work to fill my portfolio with. Whether i do or not is a different question, but we will see. I realised that this year we won’t be doing any form of vehicle project, so i thought it would be a good idea to try a vehicle over Christmas.  I settled on doing a classic bike, a modded triumph Bonneville. I wanted something with a lot of the inner working showing so i can really go to town on the pbr textures. I Started by finding some good orthos to work with, this proved difficult as the bike i wanted to model was modded and has thousands of variations but i managed to peice them together. I knocked the model out quite fast but unwrapping was a pain due to the many individual parts. I started the texturing process and also imported in to unreal to test the textures. I also purchased quixel suite towards the start of the holiday as i didn’t have any functioning normal map software. During this i tested out the 3D viewer for photoshop. Its a cool idea however i it doesn’t really work that well, the pbr application isn’t quite up to scratch in comparison to unreal.

The other project i planned was actually a collaboration project with a friend of mine, Emily Kelly; a fellow DMUGA pupil. We wanted to do a fantasy based environment over the 3 weeks, obviously we only have 3 weeks for the Christmas holidays so it will be a long haul project.  We just wanted to do something that would really further or 2D work. So along side the 3D bike project i was painting lots of thumbnails to help design the environment. I Had no idea if the project would go very far or when it would be completed but it was a fun project with lots of potential. I haven’t really had much time to practice my 2D skillset this year, the course has definitely took a turn more towards the 3D side of things;Which i actually quite like, i do tend to get on with 3d more these days in comparison to 2D.

I found the environment idea generation to be quite awkward at first, its not something we have really done before, we have sketched plenty from real life but we haven’t really been taught how to generate ideas for outdoor areas. Luckily however, the internet exists and Feng Zhu has some great tutorials on this and also i picked up some stuff on photo bashing. Here are the thumbs and moodboards i threw together for this. 

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