Saturday, 8 November 2014

Week 6: Finally Making Progress

The week started out a little rough, I got a little stressed as i had still not really finalized my idea by the start of the week, I even tried adding parts in to the bash-kit. I actually, more or less, created a secondary kit and combined it with the first, this broadened my ideas and created some variation. This unfortunately took the first half of the week to put together, which meant i was running out of time. I had a week and a half to finalize the idea, white-box, model, texture and put it in to engine. By all means i think its achievable but ill have to cut back on some sections; as soon as I finalize the idea  wont have the time to alter it too much. I do however want to allocate a fair chunk of my time to texturing as i feel that the texturing will be key to selling the overall feel of my project.

 From here i put together a quick plan, I had found a few ideas i liked, but i wasn't 100% sure on them. I decided to iterate on these a little by adding and subtracting different elements and re-incorporating bits of the bash kit, i feel that this really improved my ideas and i really like a different element in three of the 4 i chose to iterate upon. So i quickly put all of these together and decided to go with this as my final design. I used this idea to create a very quick whitebox of the model, which i used to do a paintover to finalize the details of my design.

I feel the design as a whole was working quite well, it fit to the theme that has slowly developed over the project. Things that maybe need changing are the legs, I love the way it is wearing traditional Japanese footwear but I feel the base of the legs are too small. I. Think my favourite part is the gas tank on the back of the gun, however I have no idea how I could pull that off in texturing, I will have to try experimenting a little next week. I'm quite looking forward to the texturing phase, I just hope I'll have enough time to make it look good and model and unwrap it to a high enough standard too. The next week will be very stressful, I hope to have the model unwrapped by Monday , the mesh is mostly finished, just needs a few finishing touches. 

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