Sunday, 12 October 2014

Week 2 – Group work

During this week and the last few days of the previous week we started a much longer group project.  In a group we have to replicate a scene from a film in Unreal 4, mostly looking at composition and lighting and capturing the atmosphere. We started by picking a handful of films each, we then compiled them and decided between us on which ones we all liked. Initially we settled on the final scene from Kill Bill, as it had lots of nice colours and lighting; but upon presenting this we were told to have another look for something. At first I was a little annoyed but I soon realised this was teaching us a lesson; not to go with your first idea and really push your ideas to end up with the best possible outcome. We have since decided on another film that we aim to re-present but I’m still keeping an eye out for that other possible scenes and I’ll stay less invested in this new scene until it’s given the get go.
Our first choice of film -  Kill Bill

The film we have (more or less) decided on is the Royal Tennenbaums, primarily focussing on the tent scene featured towards the end.  The scene itself is very vibrant, whilst looking at different film rooms we tried to focus on rooms that still looked bright and colour regardless of whether the characters were in the shot or not. We broke the scene down looking at values, colour and lighting; we looked at the lighting a lot actually as we knew that the main light sources were positioned outside the tent and the light came through the tent material. We also very quickly white boxed the scene using perspective match in 3DS Max, this was then passed around and we made any alterations as a group and eventually distributed the final version containing the correct proportions and scale. Concepting wasn’t too important for this project as we had all the reference we needed from the film shots but we did a little anyway just to make modelling a little faster.  We then started to model the assigned objects one by one.

Before the week is out i have a small list of things id like to get done before we start the main bulk of work next week. We have roughly divided scene up between us but we need to document this and assign budgets etc and a few object are outstanding. Some people have started but i aim to lay down a detailed plan with the team so we dont fall behind/dont leave enough time to really perfect the scene. I would also like to try and experiment a little with shaders inside unreal 4 as i feel the tent material will be important.
the screen shot we decided on from The Royal Tennenbaums

The project seems to be going quite well at the moment the team seem to working well together and are putting in the effort. I look forward to the next few weeks, I feel we have the real potential to produce something that looks really good. I am beginning to understand the group dynamic a lot more and aim to take more of a central role in the coming weeks, i have already offered to be in charge of putting everything in to unreal but i will see how the next week plays out.

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