Saturday, 25 January 2014

Visual Design Intensive workshop week - Vehicle Design

This week at uni we were tasked with designing a vehicle based upon an interesting object of our choice, this is the first task we have been given that involves actually designing something so naturally I was a little apprehensive. We started off looking at the basic shapes that make up the object as a whole, we then moved on to look at silhouettes of the object and also of images from books; I mainly looked at birds and insects. We then used those those silhouettes to 'imagineer' a vehicle using marker pens and pads. We were also advised to try and solve a real world problem in some way, so i started to look at planes and the problems they encounter, my initial thoughts were to design a jet that could land vertically however i found that this does actually exist, the Harrier. I then saw that it can only generally land on flat surfaces so i started to look at something that could land on pretty much anything; so i looked at how insects land and stand up and began to draw up some designs. The design seemed to progressively get a little worse and more over the top but i then simplified it down a little and i was pretty happy with my final design. I really enjoyed this weeks work and enjoyed learning a new process, if i was to do it again i would of perhaps been a little more confident and bold with my designs and perhaps spent a little longer on the final. We also had our first digital painting tutorial which went pretty well (it made me want a Cintiq), before this course i had some experience with painting in Photoshop however that was all self taught so it was good to actually be taught how to use it properly. The final turned out pretty well and definitely shows my idea clearly, whilst its not perfect its not bad for the first piece of digital work I've done on this course.

My final Piece for the vehicle design project based on my computer mouse

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