Saturday, 25 January 2014

The course so far...

I've been studying Game Art at DMU for around 4 months and I feel now is a good time to reflect on the course so far. In a nutshell I'm really enjoying it and from what I've heard the course is only going to get more interesting but also more difficult. The work load grows each week but Im yet to feel like its getting on top of me, don't get me wrong I'm up late most nights doing work but that's mostly out of choice. We had an assessment just before Christmas which went surprisingly, well to say that a lot of people have been told to re-do pretty much everything. I did have to re-submit my 3D building project as I had basically messed up some of the texturing which was pretty fair; I know to read the brief a bit better now. Whilst doing this i found it took around half the time to put together in comparison to before and i utilised my texture budget a lot more effectively. 
I was told that if i was to hand my work in as it is I would get a pass grade, which from what I've heard of other peoples assessments, is pretty good. However I was told I could bump my grade up by doing a list of certain tasks, including re-doing all my finals in an A3 sketchbook, clean up all my work on facebook, clean up my sketchbook and fix drawings with hairspray. I would say I've learnt more in these past few months than i have in the past few years and I definitely think drawing comes more naturally to me now and I don't quite have to think about it as much as I did. I do now feel like I should perhaps do something a bit more productive with the little free time I have, do some personal work or masters studies or maybe learn some basic coding skills; especially after the talk we had a couple days back from an Indie game dev, i felt quite inspired to attempt my own game to better understand the process. After the assessment i feel a little more confident in what i have to improve to further my drawings, I need to stop feathering my lines in as it shows the viewer i'm not confident in what i'm drawing. Instead i will try to work a little lighter to begin with and then define my line-work a little heavier afterwards. My tutors also hinted that i may need to look at my composition abit more. Im currently looking alot at using only tone and very minimal line work to show shape and form as it helps build a visual understanding of the object in front of you without worrying about the linework surrounding it.

A quick before and after of one of my finals after re-doing it in A3 over christmas.

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