Saturday, 18 April 2015

Week 29 - Off the map week 11

Easter is over and everyone on the course other than me seems to have forgotten about off the map, I mean this in the least offensive way possible. Everyone is just preoccupied with doing character resubmissions and essays; along with preparing for presentations. This brings me to the topic of this week’s blog post, my failure of a presentation. Basically I choked towards the start of my presentation which really threw me off for the rest of it in turn making me panic. I couldn’t hate Pechu Kucha any more right now; It is a bizarre way of presenting something. How to make someone who is usually alright with presentations completely mess it up and panic, make them present in Pech Kucha format.

In terms of off the map stuff it really hasn’t been very productive week, pretty much all of our team are essay writing, redoing there character projects or are doing personal portfolio stuff for the deadline that is coming up for the Natural Motion Internship.

I have gotten quite far in to a personal character this week for my portfolio I have designed it too fit in the DOTA 2 universe and have followed their production specification; the mesh is approximately 7k tris and follows the DOTA value system allowing for players to identify them easily at a glance. I have made sure for this project to have a keen focus on zBrush, as an aspiring character artist I have found that it is a skill required on every CV so I need to practice. I just hope I can get this project done in time, I am quite proud of the character so far so I really hope this becomes an interesting piece for my portfolio I will be sure to update next week as to where I am at with it, in the meantime back to my CV.

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